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Woman, 23, caught with ‘meth hidden inside her’ says she DOESN’T KNOW where the drugs came from 

A Louisiana woman found in possession of a bag of meth reportedly told police she didn’t know where they came from – despite it being hidden inside her vagina.

Ashley Beth Rolland, 23, was questioned by police on July 31 after her boyfriend, Eugene Dix, whom she’d been staying with for more than a week, accused her of stealing $5,000 from his home.

Dix claimed that Rolland swiped the cash while he was showering. When he emerged from the bathroom he said his girlfriend had fled his apartment and then noticed his money was gone from the dresser. 

In a subsequent interview with the West Monroe Police Department, Rolland admitted to the theft and consented to being searched by a female correctional officer.

During the search the officer found a large wad of cash, amounting to $6233, rolled up inside of her vagina, including 62 $100 bills and the remaining $33 made up from a combination of tens, five and ones.  

It’s unclear who the additional $1,233 belonged to. 

An addition point of contention was found at the center of the wad, after the officer also recovered a small plastic bag containing close to a gram of methamphetamine.

Rolland, however, ‘denied ownership’ of the bag of meth, insisting she had no idea how it ended up being lodged inside her body.

According to police documents, it doesn’t appear Rolland offered a theory to investigators as to how the bag got there.

Rolland was arrested and charged with theft and narcotics possession, online records from the sheriff’s office state.

As of Tuesday, she remains in custody with here bond set at $8,000.

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