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SECOND Facebook group connected to Border Patrol and filled with inappropriate memes emerges 

A second Facebook group connected to Customs and Border Protection and filled with inappropriate memes and pictures mocking migrants has emerged. 

‘The Real CBP Nation’ boasts more than 1,000 members and is full of offensive images mocking migrants and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, CNN reports. 

One post reads: ‘Feelin’ kinda cute. Might separate some families today IDK.’ 

Another shows left-wing Democrat Ocasio-Cortez next to a water fountain, asking: ‘Is this a toilet?’ 

The firebrand lawmaker said Monday that migrants detained at a pair of U.S. Customs and Border Protection stations she visited are ‘drinking out of toilets’ – a claim an agency official quickly denied.

The CBP official said toilets at border facilities all have sinks attached that deliver safe drinking water. 

Ocasio-Cortez then accused Customs and Border Protection of lying about a first Facebook group in which explicit images of her were posted.

The first reported secret Facebook group, ‘I’m 10-15,’ was said to have used by current and former CBP agents and featured jokes about migrant deaths and rude memes about members of congress. 

Its existence was reported by ProPublica on Monday, igniting a fierce outcry and the group was archived.  

With the closure of the ‘I’m 10-15’ Facebook group some in the The Real CBP Nation spoke of their disappointment.

One wrote: ‘Disappointed on (sic) all of you who abandoned ship.’

A spokesperson for Customs and Border Protection told CNN the new Facebook group has been referred to the Office of Professional Responsibility. 

Current and former CBP agents are said to have used the ‘I’m 10-15’ Facebook group to ridicule freshman congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez by posting illicit photoshopped pictures of her.

US Border Patrol Chief of Operations Brian Hastings said Monday: ‘We take all the posts that were put out today very seriously. 

‘These do not represent the thoughts of the men and women of the US Border Patrol. Each one of these allegations will be thoroughly investigated.’

The institution had previously denied knowledge of the group, but it was alleged on Thursday that CBP’s higher echelons had been aware of it ‘for years’.

AOC tweeted on Friday saying: ‘When members of Congress asked CBP if they knew about violently racist & sexually disturbing secret Facebook group w up to 10,000 CBP officers, they told us they just learned about it.

‘Looks like CBP lied. Reporting shows they knew about it for *years.* This is a big deal.’  

AOC posted the tweet alongside a link to a Politico article which claimed Customs and Border Protection officials were notified of the group’s existence three years ago.

A current Homeland Security official allegedly told Politico that agents reported the explicit group but no action was taken to shut it down. 

Some of the images which were revealed by ProPublica in the first group show left-wing Democrat Ocasio-Cortez being forced to perform oral sex on Donald Trump.

It also contained mockery of dead migrants; accusations that images of a drowned father and daughter in the Rio Grande were faked; and suggestions that agents should identify themselves as ‘Nazis’ when they meet members of Congress.

The group was called ‘I’m 10-15,’ a reference the code for a migrant in custody. 

Billed as ‘fun, serious and just work related,’ the group boasts about 9,500 members. ‘We are family, first and foremost,’ it states, according to ProPublica, which reported its existence on Monday, igniting a fierce outcry.

The Department of Homeland Security’s acting secretary, Kevin McAleenan, ordered an investigation Wednesday into the group. 

‘Reporting this week highlighted disturbing & inexcusable social media activity that allegedly includes active Border Patrol personnel,’ he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, calling the reported comments ‘completely unacceptable.’

He said any employee found to have ‘compromised the public’s trust in our law enforcement mission will be held accountable.’

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer issued a statement on Wednesday calling for the firing of the acting head of the CBP, Mark Morgan, and other top leaders at the agency as a first step to reigning in a ‘toxic culture’ there.

The full extent of the contents of the first discovered 9,000 member private Facebook group remains unclear.   

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