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Just in time! Cheerleader’s partner catches her by the ankles as she falls head-first during spin 

This is the nail-biting moment a cheerleader’s partner managed to grab her by the ankles to stop her falling to the ground headfirst. 

Jaw-dropping footage shows the moment the cheerleader gets thrown into the air by her partner as she does a 360 spin. 

The footage, believed to be filmed in the US, highlights just how dangerous cheerleading stunts can be.  

As she falls down he tries to catch her feet but fumbles and misses, only to grab her ankles at the last second. 

The cheerleader is stopped just before he head is about to crash into the ground. 

She appears braced for impact and has raised her hands and tensed her upper body in preparation for hitting the hard floor. 

Seemingly in shock, she is unable to say anything and just covers her mouth with her hands as she gawps in disbelief. 

Her nimble-fingered partner keeps hold of her as he backs out of the shot. 

In the background someone can be heard shouting: ‘Oh my God, so scary!’     

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