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Crowds gather in Mexico to watch 4th of July fireworks across the border from behind fence 

Crowds gathered at Mexico’s border with the US to watch Fourth of July fireworks on the other side of the San Diego Bay on Thursday evening.    

Mexicans were seen peering through the border fence to catch a glimpse of the elaborate independence celebrations happening in California.  

Still determined to join in the celebrations, children lit sparklers while a street vendor sold light up toys. 

Cities across America capped off Fourth of July celebrations with extravagant firework displays, lead by President Trump’s Salute to America. 

In Washington, DC, fireworks erupted over the National Mall and illuminated the Lincoln Memorial, where Trump delivered a speech hours earlier.

Security at the US-Mexico border is a contentious issue, with Mexico long serving as a passageway for migrants seeking asylum at its northern border with the US. 

The Trump administration pledged to build a wall but has so far been unsuccessful in persuading Congress to fund it. 

In February, the president declared a national emergency, saying that would entitle the administration to reprogram $6.7 billion in funds Congress had allocated for other purposes to build the wall. 

But a U.S. District Court judge in California ruled last Friday that the proposal to build the border wall with money appropriated for the Defense Department to use in the fight against illegal drugs was unlawful. 

The Trump administration appealed the decision on Saturday but the three-judge panel rejected that request on Wednesday, casting doubt on Trump’s ability to deliver on his signature campaign promise before the 2020 election.    

The Mexican Government has been tasked by the US to stop the flow of refugees from Central American as well as Africa and Haiti by assigning 6,000 troops of its newly-formed National Guard.

Mexico announced last week that it had dispatched an additional 15,000 National Guardsmen to guard the 1,954 miles of borderland with the US to stop migrants from illegally crossing.






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