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Overwatch: Sigma Is Now Live, As Is The New Role Queue Feature

Today’s Overwatch update brings with it two major changes – a new playable character, and a fundamental shift in how heroes are chosen before a match.

The extensive patch notes for this update introduce Sigma, who has already been available on the PTR for some time now. Now he’s being rolled out for all players on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Sigma is a new tank, A 62-year-old astrophysicist with gravity manipulation abilities. He’s able to launch two “gravitic charges”, which can bounce from walls and have a large area of effect, or use a kinectic grasp ability to freeze projectiles, turning them into shields. He’s also able to fling barriers around for his team’s protection, and attack enemies by hurling debris at them. His ultimate, Gravitic Flux, lifts enemies within range right up before slamming them back down.

The other major change is the new role queue feature. Role queue means that in Competitive Play, you’ll have to nominate your ‘role’ before finding a game, whether that means being a tank, support, or damage character. This means that in every Competitive match, each team will have two heroes of each type, and thus have a balance between support, damage and tank. Opinion has been mixed on whether or not this system is a good idea; it’ll be interesting to see how things play out now that the update is live.

Elsewhere, this patch introduces a lot of changes, additions and tweaks. Mystery Heroes mode is back, wherein players are randomly reset to a different hero in-between each round, and characters have been tweaked across the board. Interestingly, there’s been a global 12% increase to the cost of ultimates, as they’re currently “coming up too often”.

Here’s a full list of changes being made to the other heroes of Overwatch in this patch:



Inspire (Passive)

Repair Pack

Whip Shot

Barrier Shield

Shield Bash



Call Mech




Storm Arrows


Protective Barrier


New Passive: “Steadfast”







Pulse Bomb

Wrecking Ball


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