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How Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Split Backfired, ‘Publicity Stunt’ Exposed Mediocre Acting Career

Since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in 2018, the “Suits” alum has come under fire for dismissing royal traditions. However, an alleged “publicity stunt” by Madame Tussauds ended up exposing the Duchess of Sussex’s mediocre acting career.

Although most of the wax statues modeled after celebrity couples are seen together, the London establishment made headlines when they separated Meghan and Harry’s wax figures. Employees at Madame Tussauds moved Meghan’s wax figure to a room filled with A-list celebrities and models, rather than leaving it with her husband’s statue in the royal section of the museum.

After their wax figures were split up, the wax museum was accused of orchestrating a publicity stunt. During an episode of Sunrise Australia, news correspondent, Cath Webber claimed Meghan’s acting career wasn’t successful enough to place the wax figure next to statues of renowned Hollywood stars.

“Anybody studying PR or marketing needs to take note. This is a great publicity stunt. She wasn’t even a wax figure until she met Prince Harry, and certainly was engaged to Harry,” she explained.

“I think it is just a political stunt, they have got the headlines around the world. But, did anyone know Meghan Markle, really on a global scale, from ‘Suits?’ I think we all know it was dating a royal and now, being in the Royal Family. It’s a bit silly, but it is a great publicity stunt,” Webber added.

Fellow correspondent, Kathy Lipari appeared to echo Webber’s remarks and reflected on Meghan’s acting career. “No, nobody did (know her), she was on Deal or No Deal, for goodness sake, opening a suitcase. ‘Suits’ was pretty much it,” she said.

Lipari accused the tourist attraction of using Prince Harry and Meghan’s separation to attract more customers. “Times must be tough at Madame Tussauds, they are trying to get some more people through the door, so they are splitting her up from Harry. She should just stay where she is in the royal section, that is where she belongs,” the correspondent continued.

Meghan’s move to the “A-list Party room” at the museum is reportedly temporarily. The Duchess of Sussex’s wax figure is expected to be reunited with her husband’s statue.  

Steve Davies, the general manager of the Madame Tussauds’ London location claimed, separating the couple’s wax figures would allow “Meghan to mingle in her more-familiar celebrity circle.”

Although Meghan and Prince Harry’s wax figures have split, the couple has continued to put on a united front amid recent backlash over their decisions to ignore certain royal traditions and follow their own rules. 

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