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Ex-England captain Faye White leads storm of protest over Alex Morgan’s tea celebration

England fans have ridiculed Alex Morgan for botching a celebration in which she appeared to mock the Lionesses by pretending to drink tea as she knocked them out of the women’s World Cup.

After the USA star netted the deciding goal of last night’s semi-final in Lyon, she ran to the end of the pitch and performed an over-dramatic mime conveying a quaint drinking of tea.

But English supporters today took to social media to tell her the attempt at mockery had gone to waste. As people rushed to slam Morgan’s display as ‘disrespectful’, Twitter user Jonny King said the worst thing about it was her technique.

‘My biggest issue with Alex Morgan’s celebration is that it was v.poor tea drinking technique,’ he wrote. ‘You don’t throw it back like that, unless you want a faceful of boiling liquid. Also, no saucer in the other hand & neglected to do the satisfied “Ahhh” afterwards. 2/10.’ 

Others branded the goal-scorer ‘classless’ as they accused her of revealing an ‘ugly ego’. Another said: ‘I hope you get beat in the final – I’ll enjoy my tea. Typical YANK.’ 

The ‘cocky’ was also criticised for ‘poor sportsmanship’ as viewers demanded they ‘show more class’ in the latest controversy over the American team’s elaborate goal celerbations. Supporters took to Twitter to stick up for the ‘amazing’ Lionesses, writing: ‘You did your country proud.’

Morgan defended her actions, tweeting: ‘I was just trying to keep it interesting. Rapinoe has so many celebrations and nobody asks her anything! Obviously we have a lot of fun with celebrations and I wanted to continue the momentum.’  

Even Morgan’s own fans were embarrassed by her behaviour, with one rescinding support for her on social media and others denouncing her for the way she’d represented America on the world stage. 

Morgan came under a further barrage of criticism on social media, as some suggested it was a reference to the American protest against British taxation at the Boston Tea Party of 1773. 

After the win, Morgan took to Twitter to boast that her team is ‘special’, signing off with ‘and that’s the tea’.

Today ex-England and Arsenal women’s captain Faye White also weighed in to slam Morgan, telling Good Morning Britain she longed to have been on the pitch last night to put the player in her place.

‘I wish I was on the pitch to put in a tackle,’ she told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid as she praised England’s players for their performance against a squad widely recognised as the best in the world.   

Piers Morgan also raged about the display, with his chief concerns being its supposed inaccuracy as he demonstrated how tea should actually be drunk. 

The Americans won 2-1 after a VAR review and defender Steph Houghton’s penalty was saved. 

Following Morgan’s goal, White appeared to net her second equaliser for England. 

But VAR ruled her offside by VAR just minutes before another blow for the Lionesses as Millie Bright was sent off after a second yellow for a stamp. 

Coach Phil Neville was left hugging his tearful squad following the defeat in Lyon last night despite the USA’s captain Megan Rapinoe being ruled out due to a hamstring injury.  

The US face the winner of tonight’s semi-final between the Netherlands and Sweden in the Americans’ third straight appearance in the World Cup title match. 

Fury over Morgan’s celebration comes after the US squad was criticized for their sportsmanship over elaborate celebrations throughout the tournament.

The team was heavily criticised for showy celebrations after every single goal against Thailand as they beat them 13-0. 


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