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Dorset grandmother suffers throat wound after cycling into a rope tied across a seafront prom 

A grandmother has suffered a horrific throat would after cycling into a rope that was tied across a seafront prom.   

Jan Binning, 63, from Christchurch, Dorset, was thrown backwards off her bike when she rode straight into the rope at neck height last Wednesday night. 

She was cycling home with partner Steve Page at 10.15pm when she suffered her fall.

The length of rope was attached to the front of a beach hut and had been deliberately strung across the prom and tied to railings opposite.

Although Ms Binning had lights on the front of her bike, Ms Binning did not see the cord in the darkness.

She said: ‘We chose to go along the prom because there are so many potholes on the road. I have bright lights on my bike but I was looking towards the ground to make sure I didn’t ride into anything.

‘I was riding in front of Steve when suddenly I felt a pain and I was thrown to the ground.

‘I think I passed out for a short time because I couldn’t really work out what had happened.’

Mr Page called an ambulance that took two hours to reach her who at that point was ‘lying on the ground in pain’ and ‘shaking uncontrollably’. 

She was left with a broken collar bone and a deep rope burn across her throat. 

Paramedics told her she was lucky not to have broken her neck or a crushed windpipe.

She was eventually taken to A&E at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and was finally allowed home at 6am the next day.

Ms Binning laid the blame on pranksters who she said ‘probably did it for a joke’ and ‘had no idea of the dangerous consequences’.

‘I really want people to be aware how much harm these silly pranks can cause people. 

‘I am in a significant amount of pain and have been left fairly incapacitated for a while because of this,’ she added.

PC James Prowse, of Christchurch police, said: ‘This was a mindless and very dangerous act that has left the victim with serious injuries.

‘The person or people behind this may have believed it was just a silly prank and I would urge them to contact us so we can establish what happened.

‘I would also ask anyone who has any information about this incident to please come forward.’

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