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Cat stuck in Perth house chimney for 22 hours

A foster cat has remarkably survived after he was stuck in a chimney for a gruelling 22 hours.

Mia Walker, from Carlisle in Perth, had recently brought home two-year-old Moritz from a cat sanctuary before he disappeared into the house chimney on Wednesday morning.

Firefighters were called on Thursday to bring Moritz down in a miraculous rescue that saved his life.

Ms Walker said her feline was only allowed to explore his new home that day before he wandered into the fireplace.

‘He walked over to the fireplace and disappeared,’ Ms Walker told 10 Daily.

‘I saw soot coming down the chimney into the fire and I knew something wasn’t right.’

Ms Walker gave her best efforts to lure Moritz down with food but had no luck and he remained there for the rest of the day.

‘I waited all day and all night,’ she said.

Ms Walker called the council ranger to help remove Moritz but after failed attempts, the local fire department was brought in.

Firefighters from the Belmont Fire Department were finally able to free the cat in under an hour.

After being stuck inside the chimney with no food or water for nearly a day, Moritz was released unharmed.


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