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Boris IS plotting election and THIS is proof: Shock claim emerges Boris will extend Brexit

BORIS JOHNSON will “discreetly” approach the European Union and ask for yet another Brexit extension in order to hold a general election, Liberal Democrat Jonathan Fryer claimed.

Boris Johnson claimed after his election he would not call a general election before Brexit but later appeared to waver on his commitment as he dodged questions on the issue. The Prime Minister pledged to deliver Britain out of the European Union on October 31 without further delays and has so far refused to meet with Brussels officials to discuss the future of the withdrawal agreement. But Liberal Democrat politician Jonathan Fryer claimed chances of Mr Johnson going back on his pledge are “increasingly likely”, as he suggested the Prime Minister may seek a new extension to hold a general election.

Speaking to RT UK, Mr Fryer said: “What may happen, and I think this is increasingly likely, is there will be some discreet approach to the EU – which is remaining very silent on this, waiting to see what happens – to say, ‘look, we’re going to have a general election. Please, can you give us an extension?’”

He continued: “There are ways and means, we have a very difficult Constitutional position that could bring down the Government, that could possibly arrange a situation where there’s going to be an election.

“Mr Cummings and Mr Johnson have suggested perhaps Friday, November 1 – the day after Brexit. But would the British people and establishment accept that?”

Boris Johnson has long been an outspoken supporter for a complete break with the European Union and has brought his stance into Number 10, further signalling his commitment to Brexit with a complete upgrade of his Cabinet to include several members of the Vote Leave campaign – including top adviser Dominic Cummings. 

The strategy the Prime Minister adopted has been met with criticism from the Opposition and members of the Conservative Party wishing for a softer form of Brexit.

Discontent among MPs fuelled speculation about a motion of no confidence against Mr Johnson being tabled after his election but Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced a vote would be called when his party could be sure to win it.

Mr Fryer added: “There are sufficient Conservatives who are so alarmed by a no deal Brexit that they would be prepared, in principle, to bring down the Government.

“Whether that means they would be prepared to see Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister is another matter.

“Diane Abbott said they would only call a vote of no confidence if they are sure they are going to win it so there will be an awful lot of schmoozing of not just Lib Dems and SNPs and others but of those rebel Tories too.”

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott confirmed on Monday Labour commenced talks with other parties across Parliament to test out the possibility of an alliance to contain the risks of a no deal Brexit. 

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Abbott said: “One of the things we have to do is consult with other parties cause there’s no point in moving a vote of no confidence if the Lib Dems and others are not going to vote for it.

“We are talking to all the other parties in Parliament and if we move for a vote of no confidence, we want to do it with confidence we can win it.”

An poll conducted between Saturday, August 11 and 2pm on Sunday, August 11 received 71,446 votes in total, showing the Tories in the lead at 46 percent of voting intentions. Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party came in second place with 22 percent.

In nationwide polls, Labour has widely come in third as the Opposition continues to lose support over its vague Brexit policy but was bumped into fourth behind the Lib Dems by readers.

A poll from YouGov on behalf of the Times between June 9 and 10, asked 1,702 British adults what their voting intention was in Westminster.

Mr Johnson has said he is committed to taking Britain out of the EU by the deadline of October 31, whether or not he can get a new deal with Brussels. Remainers would still have the “nuclear option” of trying to pass a vote of no confidence in the Government.

Whether that means they would be prepared to see Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister is another matter

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