“It’s a journey”: “The Crown” star Emma Corrin identifies as non-binary


Emma Corrin, best known as Princess Diana actress from the Netflix series “The Crown,” has changed the description of her Instagram channel, making it clear that she no longer wants to be addressed as just “she.” In addition to “she,” Corrin also identifies with the gender-neutral pronoun “they.” People with non-binary gender identities do not clearly define themselves as male or female. In addition, Corrin posted special photos.

In two of the black and white images, Corrin’s breasts are bound. The comment says Corrin tried out a breast binder with photographer David-Simon Dayan. “We used boxing bandages. Thank you for capturing this with me, very intimate, very new, very cool,” Corrin addresses Dayan directly.

Numerous compliments for Emma Corrin

It was all a journey, Corrin continues. “Lots of twists and turns and changes, and that’s okay! Embrace it.” Corrin has received a lot of approval for the images. Actresses like Jennifer Garner and Paloma Faith left compliments and heart emojis.

Until now, Corrin had kept a very low profile when asked about relationships and sexuality. Last April, she came out as queer. A picture from a photo shoot with a wedding dress and veil read, “Your favorite queer bride.”


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