Two Russians use a shovel to paddle for six days to get back to land after capsizing at sea

Two Russian men who paddled 100 miles over six days to shore after their boat capsized in choppy seas have been rescued. 

A third man who went on to boat trip to Ust-Kamchatsk in Russia’s Far East has not yet been found despite search efforts.

The group of friends set out from the port city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the eastern Kamchatka Peninsula to head north.

But when they were 100 miles out in the Pacific Ocean, the boat capsized in powerful waves.

Everyone was chucked overboard, but luckily the boat was not significantly damaged. 

Only two of the men managed to climb back onto the small boat, while the third man disappeared in the waves, TASS reports.

The men had originally believed they were stranded after realising the ship’s engine was broken, and there were no paddles on board.

But while searching the ship they found a shovel and decided to attempt to row back to shore.

They then took it in turns to row using only the shovel, which took six days and left the men physically exhausted.  

Rescuers eventually found them after a 50-kilometre search of the shoreline only when the pair realised they had a waterproof phone that they could use to call for help.

Attempts to find the men’s friend has so far proven in vain.


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