Shoppers baffled by ASOS bikini model pictured tucking into a bizarre plate of food

A snap of a model showing off her ASOS bikini has gone viral – due to the bizarre plate of food she’s seen tucking into.

The online retailer shared the snap of dancer Sherrie Silver, wearing one of its ASOS Design recycled two-pieces, on its Instagram page at the weekend.

Captioning the photo: ‘Serving us all the summer energy we need,’ the post showed Sherrie perched on a sunlounger in Kigali, Rwanda.

But shoppers were distracted from her boho white two-piece’s colourful tassels by the mountain of food on the plate in front of her. 

The feast appeared to include rice, baked beans, roast potatoes, a large baked tomato and some raw carrots, with a separate bowl of pineapple and a pancake to the side.

She also has what looks like a milky cup of tea and a glass of orange juice to wash it down. 

Sherri captioned her original Instagram post: ‘Health is wealth.’ 

But Instagrammers couldn’t get their heads around her meal, with many taking to the comments section of the brand’s shared post.

One commented: ‘Nice bikini…. WHAT THE F*** IS SHE EATING?’ while another wrote: ‘What a weird combo of food!!’

‘I think that food could go on rate my plate,’ penned another, while one asked: ‘Is she having a roast, Chinese or breakfast?’ 

In response, someone joked it was a ‘Chinese breakroast’. 

Having clearly not foreseen the controvery, ASOS replied: ‘Y’all acting like you’ve never been to a hotel buffet before?’

Though some people defended the model’s random assortment of food, with one commenting: ‘She can eat whatever she wants! People are so judgemental.’ 

Another wrote: ‘Oh, please. Nothing that strange about the food. Looks like she’s just served herself a full plate from a hotel breakfast buffet in an Asian country. Looks normal to me.’

Another one moaned: ‘Omfg. You guys it seriously just looks like veggies, baked beans, rice, and pulled meat. Probably pork. NOT noodles. Literally a BBQ brunch plate.’ 

If it was in fact the bikini that caught your eye, the bottoms are still available to buy from ASOS for £14, though the top appears to have sold out.


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