Lucky paddle boarder has a serene encounter with a blue whale

Stunning drone footage shows the harmonious moment between a paddle boarder and a blue whale, the largest animal on earth, as they move through the water parallel to each other.

The incredible encounter took place off the coast of California, an area known for its high whale population. 

A drone directly above the two captured the moment the whale surfaced, filmed on April 25th off Long Beach.  

The whale surfaces right beside the boarder who is able to paddle with the marine giant for about 30 seconds before the whale dives down into the sea again.

Spraying water from its blowhole before taking a breath the whale swims along with the paddle boarder for several meters.

The boarder struggles to keep up with the whales graceful speed, paddling frantically along side the large animal.

At 23 to 27 metres, around the length of two school buses, the blue whale is officially the largest species of animal to live on earth.  

From mid-April to mid-December blue whales can be seen off the California coast, attracting many to whale watch in the area. 

Blue whales in the region, approximately around 2,000 of them, will then most likely migrate to Mexico or Costa Rica for the colder months. 

Because the whales feed off shrill near the surface of the water it is possible to spot them when doing so however this usually takes place a long distance from the shore making them hard to spot on land.  

There are only 10,000 to 25,000 whales left in the world meaning the species is now endangered.   

Saguenay a city in Québec, Canada, is considered one of the world’s best places to spot blue whales in the wild.



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