Blogger shares exhilarating moment a massive waterfall wave hits her in the face in Bali

This is the exhilarating moment a massive wave crashes into a cave under a water fall in Bali into the face of a brave traveller.

Travel blogger Nathalie Dávila Dioses, 24, from Barcelona captured footage of the moment a huge wave rushes into the pools of the bottom cave of a water fall in Bali.

The video was taken in Peguyangan waterfall in Nusa Penida Island, an island southeast of Indonesia’s island Bali.

The bottom pools of the waterfall look out over the ocean where if the tide is right your are treated to epic waves gushing into the pools.

The footage was captured on march 24th 2018.

Miss Davilla Dioses, known as @natdavile on Instagram, who is currently situated in Paris, captioned the video: ‘The power of nature: With this video I say goodbye to this beautiful chapter of my life, three months full happiness and adventure around the world. 

‘I am getting so emotional but I will be back on the road soon now it’s time to enjoy European summeer, yasss babyy give it to mee.’ 

The traveller had just completed a tour of Asia and took the chance to share the exhilarating moment to mark the end of her travels.



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