Fair f***s to Man City if they finish above this Liverpool…


Liverpool are making City work for this…
Ah this Liverpool team. It looked a bit nervy in the first half. The first five to ten minutes was us swarming about and looking dangerous but then Chelsea found their shape and looked so organised. Watching the game it felt like there was no space to pass between the lines which is why we tried so much to play in the wide areas.

For a second week running though, Henderson has stepped up to make the difference. His breaking the lines allowed us to start overloading them in the box and it quickly led to the breakthrough in the second half. The Salah goal was delicious but the best thing about it was how it should’ve crushed all Chelsea hope of getting something, given how quickly it followed the first.

That said, it was odd how resurgent they looked at 2-0 down. We suddenly looked a bit panicked and disjointed and they were tearing us apart and should’ve scored at least once. Alisson made a brilliant save off the second Hazard chance to keep us safe. Keita had an amazing moment after about six minutes of madness. He received it, put his arms out to say steady on to everyone around him and then passed it back to the keeper. We kept the ball for the next 60 seconds and it restored a sense of calm to everyone and the proceedings. Without that moment to collect heads who knows what would’ve happened.

What more can we ask of this team? Obviously they need to win the last four games now and frankly, if that’s not enough to win the league then you’ve just got to tip your hat to Man City. Realistically Man City are going to need to get six points off Spurs and Man Utd in a four-day period following another Champions League quarter-final and if they’re capable of doing so then you can’t really do much but say fair f**ks to that.
Minty, LFC


Could Brendan finally win the title for Liverpool?
As a long time Liverpool fan who now has to get up at stupid times in the middle of the night here in Melbourne to watch the big games like this weekend’s mighty win over Chelsea, I often find myself unable to get back to sleep after the game finishes. As such, I lie in bed considering all the permutations that this insane season could still throw at us.

In the early hours on this morning, still on an adrenaline high from the Salah lightning bolt of a strike, something occurred to me. Now, maybe I have completely missed it being discussed elsewhere – and if so, apologies – but if not then I am not sure why it has not occurred to anyone else yet.

As I look down the remaining fixtures, I feel like Liverpool are more than capable of taking maximum points. As I look at Manchester City’s fixtures, one jumps out at me and one that feels (to my sleep deprived brain) like fate.

Leicester vs Man City. A Leicester team that have really rediscovered some form in recent times, a Leicester team spearheaded by Vardy who has refound his scoring touch as of late. A Leicester team with Brendan Rogers at the helm.

Would it not be a twist made for Hollywood if five years on, Brendan Rodgers could be the man that delivers Liverpool (the chance to win) the Premiership by taking points off Manchester City. As soon as the thought popped into my head, it seemed too good a story to NOT happen. And in a season that has been more entertaining and full of amazing twists and turns, more so than any I can remember, would that not be a hell of a way for Liverpool to finally break their premiership duck?

With City looking so unstoppable, maybe I am just looking for any scrap of hope I can find. Or, just maybe, it’s fate.
Neville (a very happy but tired Liverpool fan trying to make it through a working Monday on three hours of sleep)


It’s all just a little crazy…
Salah plays like a competition winner and then does that; Hazard plays like a genius but can’t finish….the madness continues.
Aidan, Lfc (if City win this, fair play, but it’s gonna be a good race)


…So I went out for a few beers to watch the game at a new pub with a new friend. When you are a ‘Pool supporting Brit living in Cape Town’ it’s a true treat to find a fellow supporter who actually comes from Liverpool. Accent and all, la.

There was a moment though, directly after Hazard hit the post (I hope he didn’t fail his ‘come and get me Zizou’ audition), when my friend turned to me and said those fateful words; ‘it’s our year isn’t it?’

What?!? I nearly spat out my beer. I was shocked, we are surely not allowed to use such words, in so specific an order, at such a time as this. Obviously I reprimanded him immediately and I’ve been reliably informed he won’t be saying it again.

Until Spurs take points off City. Then I might be joining him.
Barry, LFC


…This might be the best performance (energy, calmness, focus…and a worldie) of the last ten years.

The kind of things you expect from champions.

If we don’t win it, we’ll be up for the fight again next season.

Exciting time to be a Liverpool fan.


Another conclusion
‘But the sight of Salah celebrating his sensational goal as he did – and the thought of those Chelsea ‘fans’ having their entire days ruined as a result – was delightful.’

In fairness the red flare thrown into the Chelsea supporters that the media have taken upon themselves to ignore because, well, all Chelsea supporters are mindless NF thugs that deserve this sort of treatment, probably ruined a few more days than Mo Salah’s beautifully taken goal did.

I expect you’ll be all over it ,whilst allowing anyone who writes in to refer to us as ‘the Chavs’ like normal.
Mark Kelly


Manchester United and a mid-table battle
Absolutely brilliant game at Old Trafford at the weekend. It was a great advert for The Premier League to show the quality that two mid-table teams could fight it out and perform so well.

The fact (as confirmed by the Utd manager) that Man Utd were completely outplayed and lucky to get that result, just shows how far Utd have fallen (well mid table, the league would suggest) is proof exactly where they are right now.

The ref was and truly ‘Fergied’.

Watching Utd pick a manager from from a Norwegian pub team is like watching Titanic in slow motion. Enjoy the ride.
Jimmy (Why doesn’t anybody listen to me?) Spain.


Stuff replacing Nani, we still haven’t replaced Roy Keane.
Andy Race


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