Report claims Samsung has fixed two major problems with its new foldable phone

Following numerous reports from reviewers that flaws in the new Galaxy Fold caused them to inadvertently destroy the phone, Samsung now appears to have tweaked the design to prevent future mishaps.  

According to Yonhap News and CNET, the company has resolved two major issues with the device, including one that led some reviewers to peel back a protective layer on the display thinking that the film was temporary.

Samsung has also reportedly modified the hinge design to keep debris from getting inside. 

The move comes less than a month after Samsung announced it was postponing the launch of the Galaxy Fold. 


As widely reported during the Fold’s preliminary release, the layer, which wasn’t fixed to the bezel of the phone, appeared similar to a screen protector – causing some reviewers to peel it back. The results weren’t pretty.

To combat urges to peel that layer back, the reports say Samsung has extended the layer to fit behind the bezel, leaving zero room for the film to curl up.  

In addition to addressing problems with the Fold’s protective layer, Samsung says it has also solved another issue that allowed particles of dust and other debris to sneak beneath the phones display cause bumps and blemishes in the screen.

In some reported cases, the display, even without accidental tampering, seems to have spontaneously ceased working, causing the phone to lose half of its screen or go completely black.   

At the time, a spokesperson for Samsung told The Sun that some screen malfunctions had been caused by ‘impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the [device’s] hinge.’ 

New reports say Samsung has modified its hinge design so that the screen fits closer to the rest of the phone — a move that the company says will decrease the chances of unwanted debris finding its way into the device.  

According to Yonhap, after the fixes, Samsung will look to re-license the device for sale and hasn’t yet provided a hard release date for its revamped version. 

Earlier this month Samsung told customers who pre-ordered the Fold that they have to inform the company that they’re still interested in buying the phone, otherwise their orders will be cancelled.

‘If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31st, your order will be cancelled automatically,’ Samsung told Galaxy Fold pre-order customers by email. 

Some customers with AT&T have reported receiving email from the carrier saying that the Fold will begin shipping on June 13, but those dates have not been corroborated by Samsung.   

Since the fold’s initial release to reviewers, the almost $2,000 device has been a proverbial lighting rod, with the Fold’s otherwise innovative design and features being overshadowed by a several critical failures.

According to a recent round of reports, Samsung won’t be without competitors for long when it finally releases the Galaxy Fold. 

CNET reports the Goolge is interested in designing a ‘foldable’ display for an experimental version of its Pixel phone. The company filed a patent for similar technology in March.

Outside of the mobile phone realm, Lenovo recently unveiled what it is calling ‘the world’s first foldable PC’ which can bend in half to be used as a tablet or more full-size computer. The company has yet to provide specific details about specifications or price.


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