Thousands strip down for ‘Midnight Mafia’ festival

Thousands of revellers stripped down to fluorescent sports bras and hot pants despite the cold snap in Sydney overnight for the annual Midnight Mafia festival.

Most women opted for comfort during the seven-hour hardstyle music event held at Sydney Showground on Saturday night, choosing bright active wear and sneakers.

Bright pink bikini tops and lime green sports bras with matching up-do ponytails or long braids were the most popular choices for female festival goers. 

Patrons flooded social media with pictures of their most outlandish outfits throughout and after the event, trying to outdo the 2018 outfits, which again followed the sportswear theme. 

Male attendees dared to bare throughout the night as well, posing topless for photos while tucking their shirts into their pants or tying them around their waists.

Despite a heavy police presence and the festival’s zero drug policy, 32 people were arrested and charged with drug possession while six were taken to hospital after suspected drug overdoses. 

Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting any of the people pictured were charged by police, kicked out or had any involvement with illegal drugs. 

In one picture shared online, two men posed for a shirtless photo and used hashtags to boast they had been bodybuilding and working out in preparation of the event.  

One group of girls shared a pre-festival snap of their coordinated outfits and matching braids. 

Lynne Coleman, also known as Defqon Mum, was spotted by multiple young attendees throughout the day and took a few pictures with fans.

She became a staple feature on the Sydney festival circuit after sharing her love for hardstyle music on social media, posting photos of herself at recent Defqon, Knockout Circuz and Midnight Mafia events.

One woman put a unique twist on traditional black hot pants, printing the hashtag ‘Rave Queen’ onto the back on the shorts. 

Another chose a pink cheetah print gym tight and matching skeleton mask ensemble, differentiating her from her friend, who chose an almost identical outfit in fluro pink spandex tights.  

Festival organisers Harder Styles United shared a series of warnings leading up to Saturday’s event.

The primary messages were to ‘not be a drug mule’, ‘stay hydrated’, ‘be a legend and look after your mates’ and ‘get home safe’. 

Police searched more than 270 revellers during the event.

A 30-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were arrested after being found in possession of 26 MDMA capsules and cash, while a 24-year-old man had 30 MDMA capsules and cash on his person. 

A 22-year-old was found in possession of 29 MDMA capsules and a 38-year-old man was found with $41,000 in cash.

During the event, 165 people sought medical treatment and nine were taken to hospital for further treatment, six of those for drug-related health issues.

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