Prince Harry Dubbed ‘Robot,’ In contrast To Kardashians By Piers Morgan

Prince Harry was recently called a robot by Piers Morgan after he gave his WE day speech last week.

The “Good Morning Britain” host expressed his disappointment over Prince Harry’s speech and said that he liked him better when he was just playing naked billies in Las Vegas.

When he was much younger, Prince Harry was portrayed as a party prince, and that was something that Morgan loved about the royal. But things have changed recently, and the host said that the Duke of Sussex has turned into a robot.

“There was one line here… ‘You know, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,’ yes, Harry really wrote this,” he wrote for Daily Mail.

Morgan went on to criticize the Duchess of Sussex and said that Markle is smart and did some good things on International Women’s Day. However, it was Prince Harry that seemed to have been regurgitating things that he didn’t have anything to do with in the first place.

The host also compared Prince Harry and Markle to the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II, who both did their royal duties without explaining or complaining.

“Never heard speaking in public, which has made them beloved. Then you have Princess Diana who was rogue, caused some trouble and did good stuff,” Morgan said.

But the three senior royals’ attitude and views on certain issues were nothing like Prince Harry and Markle. Morgan said that the royal couple is more like the Kardashian clan. At first glance, this may seem fine because the Kardashians are popular. However, Morgan didn’t think the comparison is a compliment.

The host stressed his opinion by saying that he didn’t think members of the royal family should rock stadiums or make flowery unsubstantial speeches about saving the planet and the world and then getting cheered on by the massive crowd.

Morgan said that Prince William and Kate Middleton conduct themselves in public more traditionally, and Prince Harry and Markle should consider following suit.