Prince Charles Banned This Luxury Food From Palace For Shocking Reason

Prince Charles reportedly had one luxury food item removed from the palace menu for a shocking reason. 

In the Channel 5 documentary “Inside Fortnum and Mason: The Queen’s Grocer,” Carolyn Robb, a former royal chef, explained why Prince Charles had foie gras banned from being served in his household. According to the chef, Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son objected to eating and buying it due to how it is produced. 

“Foie gras was one thing that we have never served in the royal household, Prince Charles being so keen to promote good animal husbandry,” she explained. “Obviously, he is very against the way that foie gras is produced – all those things that involve any kind of cruelty or maltreatment of animals.”

Producers of foie gras, which is made from duck or goose liver, usually force-feed animals corn through a tube, according to Express. The production of this luxury food product has been banned from the United Kingdom, but it is still legal to sell foie gras. One store which still stocks foie gras is Fortnum and Mason, which is where the royal household gets most of their groceries. 

Like Prince Charles, many British citizens are also refusing to eat or buy foie gras. In 2011, animal rights protesters boycotted “the Queen’s grocer” Fortnum and Mason and demanded that they stop stocking foie gras. PETA also protested in front of the store.

In the same documentary, one of the people who protested in front of Fortnum and Mason, actor Peter Egan, shared why he won’t stop protesting against the selling of this food item. 

 “I’d be very happy to do it again, I would be very happy to do it on a weekly basis if it got them to stop selling it,” he explained. “I am deeply saddened because their management team can’t make a simple ethical choice, which is to not sell something that is produced through such cruelty.”

Meanwhile, animal welfare has been a cause taken up by the British royal family for over a hundred years now. One of the largest animal welfare charities in the UK, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), is currently a patronage of Queen Elizabeth II, which could later be passed on to Prince Charles.

However, the heir to the throne reportedly has “fundamental disagreements” with the charity so it is unclear whether or not he will take over as patron, The Telegraph reported. Prince Charles has no problem with hunting, farming and shooting, which many in the organization called for a ban on. 


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