Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Are Working On Their Friendship, Sources Say

After reports of Tristan Thompson cheating with Jordyn Woods surfaced online, the latter had to move out of her best friend Kylie Jenner’s home. Now, sources have revealed that the two former friends are working on their friendship.

Thompson was still with Jenner’s sister, Khloé Kardashian, when he made out with Woods at a party. Woods has been a close friend of the Kardashian family, and she was especially close to Jenner.

After initially blaming Woods for the breakup, Khloé said that she wasn’t the only one who was at fault. She put the full blame on Thompson.

With Khloé no longer blaming Woods, the latter is free to start rebuilding her relationship with Jenner, and this is exactly what she has been doing, E! News reported. A source close to the family has confirmed that the two “are working on their friendship.”

A source also told People that Jenner’s friendship with Woods isn’t over. Woods may have moved out of the house, but she still has some of her things there, according to the insider.

As for the friendship between Jenner and Woods, the two haven’t met publicly after the cheating scandal broke, but they are in touch with each other, according to the source.

“They are texting each other,” the source said, adding that it is a “tricky” situation for Jenner because of her friendship and family ties.

The Kardashian family, according to the source, isn’t putting any pressure on Jenner to break things off with Woods. They apparently know that she has been texting her former best friend, and the family wants to let her figure things out on her own.

Sources previously revealed that Jenner was “very upset” about what happened. The lipkit mogul and Woods were very close, so she felt like she had “lost part of her world” after the cheating scandal.