Kenya mulls new guidelines on yellow fever certificates to weed out cartels

NAIROBI, May 16 (Xinhua) — Kenya’s health ministry said on Thursday it is crafting a raft of measures to streamline the issuance of yellow fever certificates in port health clinics in the country’s airports.

Sicily Kariuki, cabinet secretary for health, said the move is aimed at coming up with more stringent measures in the certification process that will stem out the rising cases of fake yellow fever cards.

“There are rising reported cases of stranded travelers subjected to spending hours at the border awaiting clearance due to lack of vaccine or for holding fake yellow fever cards,” she said at the health and security conference in Nairobi.

Kariuki said travelers heading to different foreign countries ended up incurring big lose because they could not make it to their final destinations.

She advised travelers to acquire the vaccinations at least 10 days before travelling as per the recommendations by the health authorities to avoid the last minute rush which might lead them to being duped by crooks.

Kariuki warned that individuals and brokers found engaging in the illegal business of issuing out fake certificates to travelers who enter or exit the country without undertaking vaccination will be arrested and charged.

“To prevent transmission of the infection, international health regulations require a yellow fever virus proof of vaccination for travelers arriving from countries with high risk of transmission and sometimes for travelers in transit through such countries, as a country we are gearing up towards enhancing these requirements,” she said. Enditem


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