How Paul Pogba’s ‘DELUSIONAL’ attitude was revealed in Man Utd defeat at Cardiff

MANCHESTER UNITED star Paul Pogba looks at his own performances in a ‘delusional way’.

That’s according to journalist Duncan Castles, who feels the Frenchman’s response to United supporters abusing him during their end-of-season lap of honour wasn’t clever.

Pogba has endured another frustrating season at Old Trafford and, thus, his long-term future has been plunged into serious doubt.

However, the 26-year-old sunk to a new low on Sunday as United fans launched unpleasantries his way when the squad completed a lap of honour after their final game of the season – a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Cardiff.

He reacted by beating his chest and sticking his thumbs up to the supporters, but Castles believes Pogba is misunderstanding his importance to the team.

“They have a decision to make about whether Paul Pogba’s so important to the club they will reject an offer from Real Madrid to take him off their hands”

Duncan Castles

“The beating of the chest and the implication that he bleeds Manchester United blood is also a sign of the delusional way in which he looks at his own performances for the team and his own importance to the team,” he told The Transfer Window podcast.

“And doing this at a time where he has talked publicly about his desire to go Real Madrid and his agent is actively trying to get him that move to Real Madrid, it’s not clever is it?

“Again, a decision that we’ve mentioned on the podcast several months ago, in fact when Jose Mourinho was still in charge of the club and we detailed from the very beginning how that relationship deteriorated, the problems that Pogba was causing and Mourinho’s attempts to resolve them and the conflicts that issued from that, we said that a decision had to be made by Ed Woodward and the Glazers over who was more important to the club: was it Paul Pogba or was it Mourinho?

“They decided to go for Paul Pogba. They’ve now come to another fracture point where they have a decision to make about whether Paul Pogba’s so important to the club they will reject an offer from Real Madrid to take him off their hands, to take one of their highest salaries off their book, to have the opportunity to rebuild the midfield and reinvest that money in players who will be a better fit to their structure.”

Castles’ comments come as:

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He continued: “[Ole Gunnar] Solskjaer has tried to give Pogba the captaincy back after he was stripped of the captaincy by the previous manager and told in front of the players ‘you will never captain the club.’

“Solskjaer gave him it back and he dropped one of the worst performances of the season. As a result, he immediately took it back off him again.

“And he’s always talked positively about Pogba in press conferences, I don’t think there’s been any criticism of him there. In fact, I think Solskjaer has been as protective of Pogba as his former team-mates had been of him in the media. But what response has he had in terms of performances for the last two months of the season?

“This is another thing about Solskjaer. If you look at that line-up he put out yesterday, I think he was trying to make a point about academy players and he was trying to press the button of ‘I’m going to bring through Manchester United youth because that’s something that appeals to Manchester United supporters understandably about pride in the quality of their academy and the number of players they’ve brought through and the number of titles they’ve won with them.’

“Solskjaer put out a starting line-up where the front six players, all the midfield and all the forwards were academy graduates, I think obviously hoping to win the match and to be able to talk about it after the game or have the press talk about it and get some positive press after a long difficult period.

“What happened? They lose 2-0 to Cardiff City at home, at Old Trafford. The problems are so deep there in so many areas.

“It’s not that so much of it is Solskjaer’s fault. He’s making lots of errors, yes. But the key thing here is that the depth of the problems require a more experienced, more skilled manager.

“Until they have that, I don’t see them being solved.”


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