Greek conservatives lead in latest poll ahead of EU elections

ATHENS, May 16 (Xinhua) — Greece’s main opposition party New Democracy is expected to hold an 8-percent lead over ruling Radical Left SYRIZA in the European Parliament elections slated for May 26 in Greece, according to the latest poll conducted for local ANT1 television channel by polling firm Marc.

SYRIZA, though, gained more than two percentage points in the past two weeks, in particular after the recent announcement of package of tax cuts, pension increases and other benefits and relief measures the government promotes for people affected by austerity measures in the past nine years, pollsters commented on Thursday morning.

Overall, in the electoral race, the conservatives of New Democracy are expected to become first with 30.6 percent, followed by SYRIZA, 22.6 percent; the center-left Movement for Change (KINAL), 6.6 percent; extreme- Right Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi), 6.2 percent; and the Greek Communist Party (KKE) 5.3 percent.

In total, forty parties will participate in the European Parliament elections this month, according to the Supreme Court, while Greece has 21 seats to fill in the new assembly out of more than 700 deputies.

EU elections will be held along with the municipal and regional elections on May 26 in Greece.


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