‘Do we need to declare a national emergency?’ Iced coffee shortage leaves customers fuming 

Customers have been left fuming after two-litre bottles of Farmers Union Iced Coffee disappeared from supermarket shelves. 

Many Facebook users have demanded to know why there is a shortage and asked when the product will be back on shelves.  

Lion Dairy and Drinks, the supplier of Farmers Union Iced Coffee, said the product shortage is due to extreme weather conditions and rising production costs hitting dairy farmers. 

A commenter on the Farmers Union Iced Coffee Facebook page said, ‘What the heck is going on Farmers Union? Apparently, there is a shortage of 2-litre iced coffee in all the supermarkets in town.’

Another commenter stated, ‘What’s the reason no supermarket has 2-litre iced coffee? Most have also sold out of all other sizes as well. Eight supermarkets said they were told you have no idea when it will be back.’ 

Lion Dairy and Drinks released a statement explaining the drought and rising energy prices has impacted dairy farmers which resulted in the milk shortage, but they will be restocking shelves today. 

‘We apologise for non-supply of some of our milk lines by our supplier. This is due to the current conditions impacting dairy farmers,’ Lion Dairy and Drinks stated. 

‘Extreme weather conditions including drought, together with significant cost increases across water, feed and energy.

‘These have all contributed to the challenges facing dairy production in Australia, which has resulted in lower milk supply.’  


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