Cabinet Minister boasts even his WIFE is backing Brexit Party

A senior Cabinet Minister has boasted that even his own wife will be voting for Nigel Farage at the European elections this month.

The Brexit Party are tipped to sweep to victory in the poll, in a major blow to the Tories who are haemorrhaging support to the new group led by the Leave stalwart. The Cabinet Minister was overheard joking to friends last week: ‘There’s only one person still voting Tory in my house, and it’s not my wife.’

Last night Mr Farage told The Mail on Sunday: ‘She is not alone – the rebellion within the Conservative Party is going wholesale.’

Separately, another Minister told this newspaper: ‘My entire local association is voting for the Brexit Party, including my chairman. It’s going to be a monstering.’

Polls show that the Brexit Party have overtaken Labour and the Tories amid fury over the delay to Brexit. Last night, bookies Betfair Exchange predicted the Tories could even be overtaken by the Lib Dems and slump to fourth place. The Brexit Party are 2-9 favourites to take most seats, with Labour in second at 5-1.

Most recent polling has shown the Brexit Party garners more than 30 per cent of the vote, with the Tories in the low teens. 


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