Future 2 information: Invitation of the 9

In Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter, Bungie is unfurling a new quest with Drifter and the Nine: Invitation of the Nine. According to the This Week at Bungie blog from March 14, Invitation of the Nine is nine weeks long, beginning on March 15.

Each week, Xur will bring a new Invitation of the Nine to purchase. Buying the invitation will set you on a trip around the solar system. Completing it will reward you with a powerful piece of gear and new story information.

We’ve broken down our tips for each quest here, and we’ll continue to update this guide every week as more content becomes available.

This week, Xur invites you to visit the Nine. They’ll show you visions of how they first struck a deal with Drifter.

Buy the Invitation of the Nine from Xur on Titan — it’ll set you back nine Legendary Shards. The Nine want you to kill Cabal, Taken, and Fallen. Killing them has a chance to drop metaphysical samples, and you need nine from each race. You’ll also need to complete the Lake of Shadows Strike.

Use the Director to select Lake of Shadows from the EDZ map first. Complete the Strike, and you’ll likely have gathered all nine Taken samples. If not, you can run the Strike again or wait for the Taken Public Event in the Gulch.

To get the other two races, you can go nearly anywhere in the EDZ. Trostland is great for both Fallen and Cabal. Outskirts is good for Fallen only. Winding Cove, Firebase Hades, and Sunken Isles are full of Cabal.

When you’ve collected enough samples, you’ll get a new invitation from the Nine. Your Invitation of the Nine will become a new bounty in your Pursuits called Into the Unknown.

Select the Mystery and Potential node under the Reckoning in the Gambit menu to complete your new quest.

Go through the portal, and jump into the void like you would in Reckoning. Speak with the Emissary, and learn how Drifter got the ice ball attached to his ship.

You’ll get a powerful piece of gear and a cool cutscene as a reward.

If you stop back by Drifter, he’ll have some choice words about the visions the Nine showed you aboard the Derelict.